Core Drilling Tools

Since 2007, our company has been designing and producing all kinds of coring tools, widely used in petroleum and natural gas, energy and mineral exploration and development coring, with complete range: conventional coring tools and special coring tools (closed core tools: directional horizontal drilling coring tools, form-keeping & pressure maintaining coring tools), and a variety of specifications, has been able to design and produce appropriate coring tools according to user’s requirements, and extract cores with diameter from 66.7mm, 80mm, 101.6mm, 110mm and 120mm, owning a number of specific technology and inventions. Our company adopts high torque and high sealing type special connection thread, with reasonable structure, safe use, simple maintenance and high resistance to hydrogen sulfide corrosion, reaching an average coring rate more than 95%. Currently in Russia, 45% coring tools in core operation of the market come from our company.

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