Titanium Alloy Drill Pipe

Currently, titanium alloy is extensively used in exploration and production in the industries of petroleum, natural gas and terrestrial heat. It is mainly used for drill pipe, offshore platform bearing frames, down-hole tubing, stress joints, bearing frames for offshore oil production and down-hole repairing and tensile parts for offshore platforms, deepwater resisting ducts, kill lines and export risers.
The titanium alloy drill pipe has outstanding physical and mechanical performance such as high intensity, low density, outstanding natural flexibility, high fatigue strength, high erosive resistance, outstanding durability/ resistance to breakage, low thermal expansivity, high melting point, basically non magnetic property and high shock resistance.
As the titanium alloy drill rod has very high shock resistance, the drilling jar is not required. The titanium alloy drill pipe has very high corrosion resistance and adaptability to subsurface environment. It can be used under highly corrosive conditions like high temperature hydrogen sulphide acidity.

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